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LAUREL JOHNSON was born in Beatrice. Although her husband is a native Kentuckian, and they enjoyed their years of living in the Appalachian Mountains, both prefer the Nebraska plains. Laurel considers herself to be a child of the plains in body, mind, and spirit. Her appreciation of ancestry and friendship figure prominently in any writing project. Her first published book, The Grass Dance, was released by PublishAmerica in December 2001. In it, she draws from her love of the plains and mountains and reveals her Native American bonds and ancestry through the metaphor of grass dancing. Her second book, The Alley of Wishes, won Second Place in the Preditors and Editors annual poll for best romance novel and author. It has been republished by Dandelion Books and featured at the Frankfurt and Israeli Book Fairs. Her latest book, a collection of poetry written with Stephen R Sulik and entitled Color of Laughter, Color of Tears, has just been published by Winterwolf Publishing. Laurel has an eclectic range of interests. While living in Kentucky, she was secretary to the Governor's Task Force on Alzheimer's and Related Dementias. She currently participates by invitation in an online mentoring program for at risk students in Rapid City, South Dakota, providing guidance and encouragement for youths in a creative writing program. Laurel is a Registered Nurse, working in Long Term Care in Beatrice Nebraska, an avid photographer, and a book reviewer for Midwest Book Review, Quill Quarterly Poetry Review, The Pedestal Magazine, and New Works Review. She and her husband live in Fairbury, Nebraska.

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