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Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of John Philip Johnson


"The Mind is Satan's Lawyer, #5," Dreams and Nightmares, 2010.
"Marshland Dusk," Whistling Shade, 2010.
"Starstruck," Astropoetica, 2010.
"Gothic Poem" and "The Image," Rose & Thorn (w/audio), 2010.
"My Wife & I on Cough Drops," Word Riot, 2010.
"White Ice Cream" and "The Urge," Ghoti
"Imagine Crowd Noise," Southern Poetry Review, 2009.
"Midas at the Beach," (w/audio), Rattle, 2009.
"My Uncle and I Chatted," Chicago Quarterly Review, 2009.
"The Ascension," Ruminate, 2009.
"Mea Lithos," Euphony, 2009.
"You Are Horror and Light," Vicious Verses, 2009.
"Beginning Again" and "Nineties," Willow Review, 2003.
"Arboretum," Nebraska English Journal, 1989.

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