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Jefferson Selleck
Copyright © 1951
by Carl Jonas

"I would like to have had the kind of love one reads about ... but I never had it." In his own words, Jefferson Selleck reveals a soul in torment, that died disappointed but not defeated. Here is a man who shared the life of his times to the limit. Why did Jefferson Selleck fail to grasp the happiness promised him in his dream? ... Was it because he first loved a girl he could not marry? Was it because he finally married a woman who did not love him? Did the answer lie in his son's revolt and flight into the arms of a New York tart? Or was there something in Jefferson himself that allowed happiness to elude him? — from the jacket
Ar of a high order. — John P Marquand
Carl Jonas is Sinclair Lewis thirty years later. ... Mr Jonas has done a notable job, he has added a new portrait to the national gallery. — James Hilton
A full-bodied novel that compels one's attention ... hilarious and tragic ... Mr Jonas has given each episode the true breath of life. — The New York Times

Copyright © 1950
by Carl Jonas

Mighty Excelsior, mountain of Utah, its slope buried in virgin snow, dwarfing the handful of humans who come to find love ... peace ... excitement in the shadow of her beauty. "He tried to shout to stop her ... but he was paralyzed with fright. He heard what sounded like a mighty gasp ... the whole hillside was in motion. He saw her look back at them once, shouting some incomprehensible terror. She was trying to outski the snowslide." But when the snowslide buried beautiful Chuch Martin, it tore open the hearts of five people, revealing secrets no man ever tells another! — from the jacket
A Novel as strong as the Peaks of a Great Mountain. The Author uses a huge canvas and wide sweeping strokes. — Rochester Times-Union
Exciting ... intimate ... bold. — Denver Post
Wonderfully vivid ... pace and intensity that are irresistible. — Robert M Coates
Provocative ... tense. — Boston Herald

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