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Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Lew Hunter


Naked Screenwriting: Interviews with 20 Academy Award-winning directors and writers. Forthcoming.

Lew Hunter's Screenwriting 434. Perigee, 1995.


James Dean: An American Legend. Orion, 1997.

The Glass Hammer. Columbia, 1996.

Orpheus. Sol Zantz Productions, 1995.

My Antonia (adapted from Willa Cather novel). TBS, 1994.

The Sowers. Envoy Productions, 1990.

Gloria Jo. Can Do Productions, 1989.

Getting Out. Transworld, 1988.

Fourth & Long. CBS, 1986.

One Woman's Escape. CBS, 1986.

Playing With Fire. NBC, 1985.

The Yellow Rose. NBC/Warner Bros. (series producer and writer), 1984-85.

Otherworld. CBS (series producer and writer), 1982.

The Mississippi. CBS (Co-Developed with John Wilder, writer and producer), 1982.

Desperate Lives. Paramount/CBS, 1981.

Fallen Angel. Columbia/CBS (awards won), 1981.

Code Red (premiere episode). Columbia/NBC, 1981.

Goldie & the Boxer Go to Hollywood. Columbia/NBC1, 1981.

Return to Uganda. African Enterprises (theatrical documentary), 1979.

240 Robert (premiere episode). Filmways/NBC, 1979.

The Littlest Hobo. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (award), 1979.

Joni. Worldwide Pictures, 1978.

The Sound of Love. South Australian Film Corporation, 1976.

While Director of Motion Pictures and Mini-Series for NBC, was responsible for over 500 hours of long-form films including The Execution of Private Slovick, The Law, Born Innocent, The Red Badge of Courage, Centennial, etc., 1973-77.

If Tomorrow Comes. CBS (one of the first Movies of the Week), 1971.

Batman. ABC (various series episodes), 1970's.

Bewitched. ABC (various series episodes), 1970's.

Combat. ABC (various series episodes), 1970's.

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