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Healing Noelle
Copyright © 2004
by Michael J Huckabee
Dageforde Publishing
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An elderly gentleman is suddenly cured of a life-threatening illness, and Jonathon Thompson thinks it was his prayer ... or was it? Explanations are elusive as Jonathon, with his childhood friend, Noelle Lewis, uncovers a strange therapy tied to the healing. The secret medical advance consistently achieves the unbelievable. When a deadly cancer strikes close to home, where should Jonathon turn for healing? The prevailing weighty issues now surrounding cloning will pale as the quagmire of nanotechnology rises fully into society. With an abundance of ethical dilemmas, this amazing technology, as illustrated in Healing Noelle, yields new heights of advancement, but also new depths of horror. Healing Noelle has a medical thriller bent, involving intregral human relationships and the spiritual lessons learned when faced with the need for healing. — from the publisher

A gripping plot with unexpected developments. — John F Kilner, PhD President, Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity

You're going to stay up late reading page turner. — David Stevens, MD, Executive Director, Christian Medical & Dental Associations

The Torch
Copyright © 2000
by Michael J Huckabee
Writers Club Press
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Sabotage cripples young Slava Gdansk's plans as he leads a newborn church in the small Russian community of Bolshoigorsk. A mysterious fire, scandalous accusations and a jail stint lead Slava and his wife, Oksana, to place great hope in a visiting team of American short-term missionaries to bolster their courage. This handful of idealistic Americans, beset by a shocking tragedy before leaving the States, has under two weeks to help rally the fledgling church. Tony Barton, a loose gun on the team, grapples with which is more dangerous: the covert persecution or the beautiful Russian translator. Interactions with angels, both in worship and warfare, are not enough to support the wavering faithful. Would God truly allow the severe afflictions they must endure? As the surprising opposition hammers the devoted, the mission is not only for the survival of the church, but for their very lives. — from the publisher

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