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Disciples of an Uncertain Season
Copyright © 1998
by Larry Holland
Up the Creek Publishing

At the time of Larry Holland's death in March of 1999, Disciples of an Uncertain Season, published just the fall before, had virtually sold out. This volume reprints Disciples in its entirety with the addition of a number of poems previously published available only in magazines and journals. An introduction and afterword by his friends and fellow poets Red Shuttleworth and Neil Harrison have been added as well. This enterprise has been a labor of love, and this collection is dedicated to the friends, family, and students of Larry Holland. — from the jacket
Mountains and seashore advertise beauty any idiot can see. Prairies whisper their messages; loudmouths and speeders never notice. Larry Holland has listened long and well to the Platte River Valley in Nebraska, as well as to his own ancestor, and ours. These reports from the frontier are filled with poems hot as an Arab horse, with wisdom intricate as a cedar thicket. — Linda Hasselstrom
Holland's poems have an extraordinary sense of place — his beloved Nebraska Sand Hills and river valleys. But more than this, Holland understands the perils of life, the certainty of death, and the beauty to be found in each. — Jane Candia Coleman
Ghosts wander through these pages — the dignified shades of our elders, the restless spirits of suicides, the swift shadows of deer and birds and dogs, the fading outlines of community and youth. Holland, heir to blood and bloodsport, reaches into his arsenal of poems to ask again and again the question all survivors ask. — JV Brummels
Holland's plainspoken attentiveness to creatures, people, the feel of an old double-barrel shotgun, winter light over a field, brings the world wonderfully close. And praise be for that. It is a wonderful book and deserves to be read and read again. — Harry Humes
These hard-hitting poems bear witness to the fundamental tenet subscribed to by both Coach and Poet: poetry in motion springs forth ...running on the juice of your lifetime... thanks, always, to the strong line. If poetry was as celebrated as Cornhusker Football, Larry Holland would be the Tom Osborne of Nebraska letters. — Paul Zarzyski
This Holland collection of poems is what a fine man and a fine woman might read at evening after working cows ahorseback or taking down a deer, whisky glasses half full. The poems in Disciples of an Uncertain Season are of the highest order, in exquisite synchronicity with the land he loves, true to the plains and the people who love them. ... takes the sort of chances that create poems that must be read and read again ... — Red Shuttleworth
Holland's poems are not about just the beauty of the prairie grass, but of what is buried beneath the prairie. They are about the Nebraska sandhills, the wildlife, the tame life, and about the people who live on it and love it as much as he did. His poems hit you hard in the heart. — Mary Maas, Nebraska Territory
To use his own words, he possesses the talent to make a poem's pulse thump against the silence of its own making. Like the land he loves, he has come to own a poem's terrain as much as it owns him." — Don Welch

My Link to the Plains
Copyright © 1996
by Larry Holland
Main-Travelled Roads #3

Holland speaks of the land and of the people tied to the land and his connection to both in this essay. He writes his images so that you can see them when you read the words. He shares his love for the grass country and the Nebraska Plains in his poems and says, "a writer of and conditioned by the Plains finds the words in his territory, in the thing he's come to know as his life." — Mary Maas, Nebraska Territory

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