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AB EMRYS grew up in the Ozarks and on the Mexican border, coming to Nebraska in 1992 after living in Chicago for seventeen years, and earning her PhD at Florida State. She was a finalist and received honorable mention in the World's Best Short Short Story Contest. Her work has appeared in Sun Dog, Portland, Paragraph, Platte Valley Review, Prairie Schooner, Air Fish: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction (Catseye P), Chasm, Chicago Tribune, Mississippi Review, Short Story, Spectacle, Brevity, and Happy ("Thumbelina's Condo, and Other Tales of the Tiny Life"). She is the author of At the Magic Shop (1981) and Wild Women Don't Get the Blues (Metis Press, 1977). She has been editor for Black Maria, Sun Dog, and guest edited Platte Valley Review's issue on pop culture at University of Nebraska — Kearney, where she is Chair of the Department of English and teaches writing and popular literature. Also a published poet, journalist, and scholar, her articles have appeared in The Journal of Popular Culture and Popular Culture Review. Work appears in the anthologies How We Live Our Yoga, Times of Sorrow/Times of Grace, and Sacred Ground: Writing About Home (Milkweed Editions, 1997), the editors nominating her for a Pushcart. She is the 1997 winner of the Mary Roberts Rinehart Award and co-director of the Fort Kearney Summer Writers' Conference. She has "written about Carhenge and Scottsbluff, Nebraska highways, cranes, big skies, about how people in other countries sometimes think Nebraska is near Alaska (apparently because they sound alike) and other weird reactions to nebraska, and about living in a small town again after a big city interlude."

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