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What the Critics Say About Paul Dickey

What Wisconsin Took

Copyright © 2006
by Paul Dickey,
The Parallel Press

Dickey writes with one eye focused on the history of philosophy and science and the other on a deeply personal but sharable human experience. He expects of himself that his work be accessible and frequently comical, but at the same time to demonstate the intellectual honesty and seriousness that his subjects deserve.— The Parallel Press

Science and scientific observation are interwoven through many of the pieces, and many of them read a little like mathematical equations - precise language forms a nexus around which Dickey builds his careful observations. Through his exploration of the known world and its intersection with critical thought, Dickey manages to uncover compelling human moments of awareness and despair in arresting and heart-piercing imagery. — Literary Lunch

In What Wisconsin Took, the latest Parallel Press poetry chapbook, Paul Dickey's Badger-state-tinged poetry personalizes the shared human experiences that define us all. Dickey is at his best writing about life, death, and all the love and lost love in between. Along the way, Dickey references many aspects of Wisconsin life throughout his poetry--locations such as Door County and the Fox River, events like maple syrup harvesting and Memorial Day cookouts, and many sports references as well. — Michael Worringer, News release from University of Wisconsin Libraries - Madison.

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