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of Paul Dickey


They Say This Is How Death Came Into the World, Mayapple Press, January, 2011.


What Wisconsin Took, Parallel Press, University of Wisconsin Libraries—Madison, May, 2006.


Besides the links below, Paul Dickey's print and online publication venues include Cider Press Review, Concho River Review, Crab Orchard Review, Cue: A Journal of Prose Poetry, Defenestration, Forge, Free Lunch, Ghoti Magazine, Kansas Quarterly, Karamu, Littoral, Nebraska Life, Nimrod, Pebble Lake Review, Poet Lore, Plainsongs, Quartet, Redactions, Red Mountain Review, Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics, Southern Poetry Review, Wild Strawberries, and Wisconsin Review.


"Somewhere Once, A House", Linebreak #46, July 1, 2008.
"Things That Get Out of Hand", Swink Online #2 -- March, 2005.
"In A Town Where Real Estate is Not Prime", Swink Online, 2009.
"The Husband’s Locked Backyard Shed", Swink Online, 2009.
"They Say This is How Death Came Into the World." Poetry Midwest, Fall, 2004 (#11).
"Only Another Mystery of Love and Death" ForPoetry. October 2003.
"Zeno's Pep Talk at the Special Olympics." ForPoetry. October 2003.
"Unattractive Girl in Bikini, By the Water's Edge," Rattle #21, Summer, 2004.
"A Man and a Flag Are One." Rattle #25, Summer, 2006.
"Salvation Wheat State Camp Meeting." Rattle #29, Summer, 2008.
"A Knack For Losing Things" Rattle #32, Winter, 2009.
"All-American Call Center." Pedestal Magazine: The Political Anthology, November, 2004.
"Breaking Into Unlocked Hearts." Avatar Review. Issue 6. Spring, 2004.
"Photographs of Door County." Avatar Review. Issue 9. Summer, 2007.
"December" and "Dad Ever Since He Retired." Avatar Review. Issue 11. Summer, 2009.
"Coming Home to See Dad" 2River View. Issue 8.3. Spring, 2004.
"Family Farm Tomorrow at Public Auction." 2River View. Issue 8.3. Spring, 2004.
"The Consequences of My Actions."2River View. Issue 9.3. Spring, 2005.
"A Reno County Cemetery," 2River View. Issue 14.1. Fall, 2009.
"Failed Portait of the Artist's Daughter." 2River View. Issue 14.1. Fall, 2009.
"Departure for Cause," 42opus, 4.3, September, 2004.
"Lennon and McCartney" 42opus, 7.1, May, 2007.
"It is Exactly Like Something I Do Not Know." Nidus. (University of Pittsburgh).  No. 6, Spring,  2004. 
"The Night My Father and I Lost Each Other." 3rd Muse Poetry Journal  #27, Aug-Sept, 2003.
"In a Country Where Everything Has Spin." Our Stories: A Unique Literary Journal, Fall, 2008.
"The Seeker of Truth." The Potomac, Winter 2009.
"Speaking in Tongues." tongues of the ocean, April, 2009.
“Omaha High School Poetics” and “Walking on Water.” qarrtisiluni, 2008.
"Stealing Thy Words on a Slow Evening," Folly, September, 2005.
"Against Pots,", Issue #34, Feb. 16, 2010.
"How You Prove Anything and Everything,", Issue #34, Feb.16, 2010.


"Constellation" in Kosmicki, Greg & Mary K Stillwell (Editors), Nebraska Presence: An Anthology of Poetry, Omaha, NE: The Backwaters Press, 2007.

"In a Country Where Everything Has Spin" in Santi, Alexis Enrico (Editor), Best of Our Stories, Volume 3, CreateSpace, 2010.

"When It All Comes Down to the Last Resort" in Clements, Brian & Jamey Dunham (Editors), An Introduction to the Prose Poem, Firewheel Editions, 2010.

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