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Portal to Love
Copyright © 2004
by Julie Carda
Crystal Dreams Publishing
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Thanks to Julie Carda, who is an herbalist, akashic records diviner, spiritual coach and now author, the romance/adventure genre will never be the same! Ms Carda has woven a contemporary love story around an archeological treasure hunt and international arms dealing, and tied all of the various characters together through her spiritually gifted heroine, Langley Stockton Whitmore — heiress to a global shipping corporation. Have you ever pondered the global answer to peace? Do you ever contemplate what a metaphysical relationship would look like or how it would feel physically and emotionally? Or, have you ever questioned whether something is real or imaginary and wondered how to delineate the difference? Portal to Love is proof positive that the time has come for greater numbers of human beings to have easier access to spiritual concepts through familiar literary genres. — from the publisher

This unusual, beautifully written, spiritual book is the story of Langley Stockton Whitmore, an executive in her family's shipping company living in Singapore. Engaged to Peter Waring, her life appears charmed and successful. Very early in the story, this positive valence shifts and reveals truths about Peter that shatter the engagement and force Langley to physically and emotionally retreat from the family business. At the same time, Ivan Burton, a British archeologist, is immersed in a dig in the Middle East that abruptly closes down due to political pressures. He ends up as the chauffeur for a wealthy businesswoman in Minneapolis, where Langley is anonymously working for a publishing company. While this synopsis gives the bare bones details of the story, it doesn't begin to describe the predominant spiritual, metaphysical themes that run through each page of the book. Langley's "special gifts" allow her to experience people and events with a type of second sight. Her chance encounter with Ivan leads to a growing relationship between these two unique individuals and results in Langley's immersion in his search for his father and his quest to finish his archeological project. This novel details the pull between good and evil, darkness and light, love and hate in a lyrical, clearly written manner. Carda's meticulous attention to detail allows the reader to really know and understand Langley and Ivan, their human characteristics, and the spiritual influences that form the crux of the novel and their unfolding relationship. This is quite an amazing book, thought-provoking, and challenging. While some readers might not agree with Carda's world views, all will agree that the love story inherent in the novel make it well worth reading. The beautifully detailed cover is especially evocative, reflecting significant aspects of the book. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of Julie Carda’s work. — Jeri Neal, The Romance Readers Connection, January 2005

For centuries, humans have been prophesizing about the "Age of Aquarius" as time when human beings would grow more conscious about their spiritual existence and their connectedness to each other, the animals, the plants and all of the elements of the Earth and its galaxy. This spiritual awakening is becoming more and more evident as more and more of our traditional ways of thinking and doing are being challenged and replaced by alternative ideas and practices for living. Portal To Love has come along as another marvelous example that the "Age of Aquarius" is happening right here, right now. Ms Carda's premiere literary offering is an evolved approach to a very familiar and much loved genre. By taking the traditional form of a romance novel and infusing it with spiritual concepts and teachings, Ms Carda has created a new and exciting format that will enable millions of fans of romance to get easy access to spiritual concepts and beliefs that are usually considered esoteric. Portal To Love is a thrilling; spellbinding ride that masterfully weaves cosmic consciousness with oriental mysticism, action adventure, international crime detection and of course, modern love. Kudos to Ms Carda for being a cosmic messenger who is definitely able to spread the word that there is more to life and the Universe than what we think. — Jojopa Maria Nsoroma, Spirit Medicine Woman/Shamanic Healer

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