Nebraska Center for Writers

by Roger Burkholder

"Life can be very empty; it can be very long. All that matters is finding someone to care about and be cared about by. Be respected by. I think your father would have said that if it seems to you there's someone you're coming to love, if passion strikes you, then follow it. You're old enough to hear that now. Love radiates outward from two people to others and to your own future, even if it doesn't seem to. I think that's what he would have said. Follow it even if it means censure and sorrow and regret. Even if it means social reprisals and economic upheavals. They don't matter as much as they might appear to . . . . But if there's a bit of love to Share, then take it, take it while you can, whatever the cost. That's how you'll become truly alive. The earnings and the buyings are often done merely to pass away the years. Love can last for ten minutes and not ever come again. Sometimes a few words or a look will be almost all of love that a life has. You should seize moments like that and cherish them. Even if what follows seems to contradict what occurred so severely you come to doubt it happened. Even then it can have been enough to bring you through the time ahead. Memories are all a person really owns."

Reprinted with permission
from How Did That Sun Get Out
Copyright © 2000
by Roger Burkholder

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