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PETER G BEESON was born in Texas but grew up in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. He holds a BA and MA from the University of Texas at Austin. He moved to Nebraska in 1970 to attend graduate school and received a PHD in Medical Sociology from the University of Nebraska — Lincoln in 1979. He spent some 22 years in State Government directing research and planning relative to Nebraska's Health and Human Services System and four years as the Associate Director of the Nebraska Humanities Council. He is the Past President of the National Association of Rural Mental Health, former editor of the journal Rural Mental Health, and a recipient of both the "Victory I Howery Award" for significant contributions to rural mental health and the Nebraska Rural Health Association's "Outstanding Rural Health Achievement Award." He has held academic appointments at the University of Texas — Austin, University of Oklahoma, the University of Nebraska — Lincoln, Doane College, and University of Nebraska — Omaha. He has a wide range of academic and professional publications related to mental health, rural issues, and public health. His poetry has been published in Nebraska Life, Rural Mental Health, Report of the National Action Commission on the Mental Health of Rural Americans, Rural Voices, and Sparking Memories. His photographs appear on the front covers of books by two Nebraska authors; as part of the Smithsonian Institutionís traveling exhibit "Key Ingredients;" and in such publications as Humanities, Nebraska Life, and Rural Mental Health. Currently retired, he is a regular contributor of both photography and essays to Nebraska Life and The Journal of Rural Mental Health. He lives in Lincoln with his wife and daughter.

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