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A Thirst That's Partly Mine
Copyright © 2008
by Liz Ahl
Slapering Hol Press

A Thirst That's Partly Mine explores the ways humans perceive and interact with a natural world that can seem both intimately connected to our concerns and yet profoundly unknowable. — from the publisher

In a difficult world, we readers of Liz Ahl's poems might wonder, with her unearthed spring toad, "...what any of us are supposed to do about any of it." Perhaps these vivid and compassionate poems have the answer as they sweep human language over the endurance and beauty of what's creaturely here. Where species intersect, the result on the page is pure art. Brava, Liz Ahl, poet, observer, participant! — Hilda Raz, author of All Odd and Splendid and Trans

Liz Ahl bring's a naturalist's close observation and a metaphysician's wry wit to poems about our lived experiences in the natural/physical world. — Robin Becker, author of Domain of Perfect Affection and The Horse Fair

The predominant speaker in these poems is a "stupid human" who often seeks out, and sometimes stumbles into, encounters with the natural world. Liz Ahl has an observant eye, a keen wit, and an ear attuned to the music of common speech. She's wise enough to see herself — and all of us — as "occasional punctuation marks / in a deeper, invisible story." A Thirst That's Partly Mine is a deeply satisfying chapbook in which the individual poems add up to much more than the sum of their parts. — Grace Bauer, author of Retreats and Recognitions and The Women at the Well

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