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DAVID MICHAEL ZINK was born in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Connecticut. His story is very close to his own life's drama. It may be classified as a creative non-fiction story. The Character in the story William Henry Carson returned from the war in Vietnam. His wife and child had died during his tour of duty. He worked as a teller for Boston's most prestigious bank president, his Father. Daily he dwelt on the death of his family in his rundown one-bedroom apartment in the slums of south Boston. William could no longer handle the dog-eat-dog society he was living in. He had only one chance at living, and that was to walk the Appalachian mountains deep into the wilderness where he was certain no other man would be. He nestled far into the Allagash wilderness of Maine along the Saint John River to become a true blue mountain man. When word hit the city that the son of Bostonís most prestigious bank president was living as a mountain man, Elizabeth Tusic, a reporter from the Boston Herald foresaw a story in it. She entered the depths of the forest and stole Wil's daily memoirs. Her prying had cost to lives. Read as one of the most legendary questions of the northern forest becomes unraveled. David now shares his story in The Epic Tale of a Mountain Man (Copyright 2006 by David Michael Zink, published by PUBLISHAMERICA). The author is available for school visitations: contact him at or 402.317.7590. He is currently looking for an agent to represent screenplays.

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