Nebraska Center for Writers

by Sherry Wright

You are on my mind when I go to bed
Before I open my eyes, thoughts of you enter my head.
I ask myself, when, can I stop loving you?
When the sky is green and the grass is blue
Then I can stop loving you
When the moon no longer lights the night
And the stars stop shining so bright
When hurricanes are only a breeze
And, tornadoes are no more than a sneeze
When raindrops are dry
And clouds stand still in the sky
When birds no longer sing in the trees
And the sweetness of flowers no longer attract the bees.
When there is no need for time
And all “mankind” is just “one kind”
When men can fly and cars are obsolete
And passengers can buy round trip tickets to eternity
When the doors to Heaven open for public tours
And choir voices are angelically pure
When all men live by faith and not by sight
And no one cares who is wrong or right
When war is only historical
And, Peace is eternal
Then, I can stop loving you

Reprinted with permission
Copyright © 2009
by Sherry Wright

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