Nebraska Center for Writers

Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Don Welch


Travels. Finishing Line Press, 2010.

Gutter Flowers. Logan House Press, 2005.

The Alley Poems. Lone Willow Press, 2002.

Inklings: Poems Old and New, Sandhills Press, 2001

The Breeder of Archangels/Requiem for Stanley Smith, Sandhills Press, 2000.

Every Mouth of Autumn Says Goodbye, U of Nebraska — Kearney P, 1997

A Brief History of Feathers, A Slow Tempo Press, Spring 1996

The Cranes: A Book of Hours, with Gene Fendt and Art Pierce, 1996

The Words Which Marry Me to You, U of Nebraska — Kearney P, 1995

Carved by Obadiah Verity, Press at Colorado College, 1993

A Day Book, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 1993

The Marginalist, Sandhills P, 1992

The Platte River, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 1992

The Keeper of Miniature Deer, Juniper P, 1986

The Rarer Game, Kearney State College P, 1980

Handwork, Kearney State College P, 1978

Deadhorse Table, Windflower Press, 1975

Never Write in a Glass House, Sandhills P (Main-Travelled Roads Series)


A Shape a Writer Can Contain, Nebraska State Department of Education, 1979


Plains Sense of Things: Eight Poets from Outstate Nebraska (features Welch, West, Sanders, Holland, Buettner, Brummels, Harrison, Schmitz) Sandhills Press, 1997

The Decade Dance, Sandhills Press, 1991

The Poet Dreaming in the Artist's House, Milkweed Editions, 1984

Strings, Bradbury, 1984

On Common Ground, Sandhills Press, 1983

Sandhills and Other Geographies: an Anthology of Nebraska Poetry, Sandhills Press, 1980

The Wildflower Home Almanac of Poetry, Wildflower Press, 1980

Wellsprings: Poems from Six Nebraska Authors, Ed Susanne K George

Traveling America with Today's Poets, Macmillan, 1977


"The Undertones," The Laurel Review, vol. 30, no. 1 (Winter, 1996), 14; "Under a Gray Sky, Letter to Smith," The Laurel Review, vol. 30, no. 2 (Summer, 1996), 51; "Pilgrim," "At the Buffalo National Grasslands," The Laurel Review, vol. 31, no. 2 (Summer, 1997), 116, 117. "Boring," "For the Girl Who Found the Book Exciting," The Laurel Review, vol. 32, no. 1 (Winter, 1998), 54, 55.

Poems published in approximately 75 magazines and journals throughout the country, including Axletree, Ball State University Forum, Blue Unicorn, Cedar Rock, Cutbank, Dacotah Territory, Elkhorn Review, English Journal, Epoch, Georgia Review, Great River Review, Handwork, Hummingbird, Kansas Quarterly, Laurel Review, Midwest Quarterly, Milkweed Chronicle, Nebraska Review, Nimrod, Northeast, On Common Ground, Pacific Review, Pebble, Periodical of Art in Nebraska, Platte Valley Review, Poem, Poets On: Barriers, Poets On: Endings, Prairie Schooner, Pteranodon, Puerto del Sol, The Runner, Satire Newsletter, The Small Farm, Southern Humanities Review, Tamarack, Tendril, Whole Notes, Yarrow


"godstuff with its lower case g," Nebraska English Journal

"That Poetry Guy," Design (a subsidiary of Saturday Evening Post), 1978

"The Finer Tone, Again," Nebraska Humanist, 1983


Winner, Mildred Bennet Award, 2004.

Winner, Golden Sower Award, 2004.

Reynolds Poetry Chair, University of Nebraska — Kearney

Winner, First Annual Poetry Prize, Nebraska Review, 1987

Winner of the first annual Pendragon poetry competition for "Scene I, Involving You and an Owl," 1984

First Place, Prize for Poetry, for "Carved by Obadiah Verity," The Blue Unicorn, 1983

The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, Nimrod, for "The Rarer Game," 1980 (selected by William Stafford)

The David and Tancie Martin Chair of English, 1981, Kearney State College

First Place, Blue Unicorn Writing Competition, 1987 (judge, James Schevill, Brown University)

Nominated three times for the Governor's Art Award (Nebraska)

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