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this lake has no saint

Copyright © 2004
by Stacey Waite

In this sequence of fierce, dry-eyed poems, Stacey Waite is trying to tell the truth about my body, writing with unblinking honesty of the urge both to embrace and elude engagement with her own body and those other bodies she desires. Plaintive and bold, Choke explores not just the vagaries of flesh and love but the constraints of gender, itself as rancorous as a wayward lover. — David Groff

Stacey Waite is among the most dazzling and culturally relevant of living poets — an original story-teller, with amazing stories to tell. — Denise Duhamel

Copyright © 2010
by Stacey Waite

The effect of this marvelous new chapbook is both breathless and sorrowful, which is to say that this is a work of utmost emotional, narrative, and philosophical complexity. — Lynn Emanuel

I know of no other living poet who spins the erotic with such delicacy and power. Stacey Waite is the literary lovechild of ee cummings and Anais Nin, and I cherish her work. — Kate Bornstein

Copyright © 2006
by Stacey Waite

This chapbook is indeed a "love poem," but this is no ode, no easy song of praise — rather, Stacey Waite has composed a collection fraught with the complexities and mutability of identity and desire. — Jennifer Perrine

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