Nebraska Center for Writers

by Victoria Morrow

"Yes," he said. "I want to sleep with you."
He turned toward her with a sensual grace at once lethal and provocative. He purposely held her gaze and lifted the shirt he wore over his head and tossed it aside. "You want me," he said. "And I want you."
Naked to the waist he stood honestly before her. His broad chest was clearly defined, every muscle outlined. His body was corded with a network of muscles placed like narrow stones, one atop the other and two, side-by-side. Rock hard biceps flexed naturally and easily with every movement and the strong, powerful legs sheathed in leggings and covered with a breach cloth only accentuated the masculine design of broad shoulders that narrowed toward a lean waspish waist and long, powerfully built thighs and calves.
"Sleep with me and be my wife."
The intensity of the eyes gazing at her was frightening and unrepentant. Dark and dangerous, they flirted with her in a subtle, charismatic and nearly hypnotic way. Then he smiled softly, revealing the edges of hard white, even teeth. His expression was yearning, sultry, earthy, clean and masculine. She was caught in the turbulent undertow of a maelstrom so powerful that she could not break free.
"Love me or reject me, Kathryn," he said defiantly, shaking his head. "I'll never be a beggar at your feet.

Reprinted with permission
from The Eagle and the Dove
Copyright © 2007
by Victoria Morrow
Leisure Books

by Victoria Morrow


The next set began, and Aaron began to whirl Jenny roughly about the dance floor.

"What would you have me do?" she demanded, beginning to feel angry as well. "You tell me to find a suitable match, and then when I do what you ask, you treat me ... terrible!"
They stopped dancing, each staring hard at the other. Aaron couldn't hear the music anymore. He only saw Jenny. Her eyes were blazing at him, her cheeks were flushed crimson, and her soft pink lips trembled ever so slightly.
Half mad with wanting, he gathered her into his arms, and claimed her lips with his ...
She was an enchantress, a fairy princess, a witch all in white, who had cast a spell over him. And he knew, by the power of that one kiss, that no other woman could satisfy him now ...

Reprinted with permission
from Jenny's Kiss
Copyright © 1990
by Victoria Morrow
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