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Victoria Morrow’s unforgettable romances have received glowing praise for their sensuality, their flowing emotion and warm wit. Now she enchants readers with a tale of love and abandon on the American frontier, in her newest, most luscious novel . . .

When Lady Elizabeth Ashton stepped down from her stagecoach in Bannock Montana, her flaming rich red hair and sapphire blue cloak were as out of place as a rare blossom in the middle of dusty Main Street. Born with a noble English name but left near-penniless as an orphan, she was determined to regain her squandered inheritance — the Red Swan ranch, the daring venture of her eccentric grandparents. But America’s untamed West was worlds apart from England's Ashton Manor and from the wealthy Lord she’d reluctantly arranged to marry ...

To the surprise of Beau Shannon, the devilishly handsome new owner of the Red Swan, the elegant foreigner had also left behind her delicate pride; she was willing'to pay an outrageous price to win back part of her family's fortune! Rugged but gentle-hearted, Beau gave in to Elizabeth's sweetly willful desire. Together they joined in a partnership that promised a deeper passion &#$151; a passion suddenly challenged before they could claim a glorious future! — from the publisher

Finding herself penniless, Lady Elizabeth Anne Ashton has no choice but to leave England and travel to her grandparents' Montana ranch, Red Swan.
She is infuriated to learn her grandfather has lost his valuable holdings to the notorious scoundrel, Beau Shannon. From the first moment in the saloon when Elizabeth confronts Beau, insulting his integrity and his intelligence, these adversaries are on a collision course.
Beau offers to let Elizabeth win back half the ranch in a game of strip poker (oh, what a delightful game it is!). When she is down to the bare essentials, Beau lets Elizabeth win.
Before the Civil War, Red Swan had belonged to Beau's family. It was stolen by an unscrupulous banker. Elizabeth's eccentric grandparents are happy to see the property back in Beau's possession.
Beau radiates sexual magnetism which Elizabeth refuses to acknowledge. She Prefers to think she is having a bout of malaria instead of falling in love. But as Beau attempts to teach her about ranching, she gets a few lessons in love.
Tempers are at an all-time high at the town's Fourth of July picnic when Elizabeth fights over Beau and then goes to get her man and create some fireworks of her their own.
Afterwards Elizabeth and Beau stalk each other like wounded beasts. Much as she desires Beau, Lady Elizabeth Anne Ashton cannot marry a man as wicked as Beau, and he will not settle for less.
Angel in My Arms has something for everyone: wonderfully diverse characters, Indian lore, several secondary romances, and a hefty dash of humor — a hard-to-beat combination and a surefire winner for Victoria Morrow. SENSUAL. 4 +, Romantic Times


Forced into a prearranged marriage by her imperious grandmother, Lady Cheryl de Clare refused to accept her fate as the wife of the fearless Norman warrior, Lord Garret Montgomery.

A Welsh beauty whose delicate features belied her fiery spirit and iron will, Cheryl vowed never to submit to her husband's bed nor to his heart. But she met her match in Lord Garret, a daring conqueror of vast armies, whose smoldering good looks and sensuous charm had captivated many a lady as well. Cheryl embodied the one woman he dreamed of in his most unguarded moments, the woman he could never win by might and She could not deny the restless desire he stirred in her with his lingering gaze ... his gentle touch.
Amidst the rugged Welsh countryside, as Viking warriors plotted to claim the land and will of a proud people, Cheryl waged her own desperate battle against the valiant man who awakened her secret passions ... the only man she was truly destined to love! — from the publisher

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! You must Read this book. — Rendezvous

Proud of her Welsh heritage, Lady Charlotte (Cheryl) de Clare stubbornly Refuses to wed the man her grandmother has chosen, Norman knight, Garret Montgomery. She climbs down the ivy-clad walls of her castle to Escape, but her plans are thwarted. Charlotte fights her new husband Every way she can, yet there is something vulnerable in Garret that has Charlotte craving his gentle touch.
From the moment Garrett spies his sleeping bride, he sees her as the embodiment of all of his dreams. He will tease, cajole, and do whatever he must to win her heart and gain her trust.
While these fiery lovers battle each other, their mutual passion, and their pride, a ruthless Viking warrior and a treacherous Norman unite in a plot to steal Charlotte's heritage.
Only by joining forces with Garret and fighting like her famed ancestor, Queen Bodiccia, can Charlotte save her homeland and reclaim her love.
Like a medieval bard, Victoria Morrow spins a colorful, sensual tale of desire treachery, magic and legend that will enchant readers. Brilliantly weaving together threads of captive/captor, romance, humor and adding steamy love scenes and a fairy-tale atmosphere, Ms. Morrow has created a delightful medieval romance. SENSUAL. — Romantic Times

1851 — The United States of America was less than a century old, a raw nation of hungry immigrants, lawless opportunists and determined idealists. As its citizens struggled to realize the goal of government by and for the people, the best hope for the future lay in the seemingly impossible dream of a transcontinental railway.
The Eagle
He was a white man with an Indian's fierce instincts and uncanny ability to survive in the wilderness — an avenging angel bent on justice. God might show mercy, but Jesse McCallum didn't. When he caught up with the scum who'd murdered his father, he made short \ work of them, but their stunningly beautiful captive was another matter . . .
The Dove

Raised in the lap of luxury, courted and spoiled by Boston's finest, Katherine Kelly Dory had begged to accompany her father on his trip west with the railroad. Never had she imagined she'd be abducted, rescued by a wild man, forced to trek into the Sangre de Christo Mountains and claimed in a primitive mating ceremony. When her longtime fiancé finally showed up to whisk her home, Katherine was too bewildered to object, but would she ever forget Jesse McCallum or the starlit night when her young body first knew his \ touch and her proud spirit soared with his? — from the publisher

Victoria Morrow's THE EAGLE AND THE DOVE is a thrilling romance that takes the reader from the rough reality of the Old West to a more sophisticated way of life back in the East. It is a colorful love story, in which two wonderful characters find love, but differences threaten to keep them apart. Thrilling action, exciting surprises and a story filled with heart, made THE EAGLE AND THE DOVE a story that I just could not put down.
From the very beginning, the action is breathtaking. It quickly captured my attention as Jessie, the handsome hero, rescues the beautiful captive from the evil men that kidnapped her. This is just the first of many breathtaking moments that I found throughout the book. Again and again, Jessie is forced to stand up against overwhelming odds. Here is a wonderful character that lives by a code of honor and will fight for his beliefs. Jessie is a hero with a perfect blend of strength and charm, making him someone that you want to love.
Together, Jessie and Katherine are fantastic characters that share a fiery passion. The problem is that they are from two very different cultures and obstacles stand in their way to happiness. Throughout their struggles to decide what to do, these character touch the heart of the reader. In the end, it is a story that makes you believe that true love can overcome all problems.
Victoria Morrow's THE EAGLE AND THE DOVE is a story that I will keep to read again and again. I look forward to other books from this author. — Anita Hartsell

Jenny's Dream
Copyright © 1990
by Victoria Morrow
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Orphaned and penniless, Jenny Bydalek met Aaron Gannon the day he used his hard-won wealth to ease her plight — with shelter and a job in his Kansas City hotel. Aaron was as much a survivor as the diminutive blonde, but he kept his heart well-guarded . . . though her bold defiance sparked his anger, and her innocent beauty touched the depths of his soul. Jenny saw the gallant spirit behind his iron-fisted façade, and when at last they yielded to passion’s irresistible promise, she gave herself forever.

But then a violent act of vengeance drove Jenny into a terrible bargain. Forced to abandon the man who was everything to her, she fled to the far gold fields of Alaska. There in the vast wilderness, Jenny and Aaron met once more . . . both wary of betrayal, yet consumed by the memory of their urgent desire. Only when they confronted the truth of their turbulent past, would they claim the dazzling joy of a love without end! — from the publisher

Since childhood, Aaron Gannon has built walls of ice around his heart. Though he is the most powerful man in Kansas City, Aaron never allows himself to love anyone until the night he hires Jenny Bydalek to work in his hotel, and he becomes enchanted by her gentle innocence and quiet courage.
Orphaned and penniless, Jenny is at first in awe of Aaron, but once she glimpses his secret torment, she knows that she can ease his fares and offers him her heart.
An act of vengeance forces Jenny to strike a strange bargain. To save Aaron's life, she leaves Kansas City, accompanying her uncle to the Alaskan frontier, intent on claiming her fortune.
Unable to forget Jenny, Aaron follows her to Anchorage. Though Jenny fears Aaron's wrath, she is unable to deny her love for him. Only after she flees into the cold nights filled with howling wolves and strange dangers does Jenny realize the depth of her love for Aaron. But before she can claim her happiness and fulfill her dream, Jenny must triumph over an ancient curse.
From first page to last, you'll be transported. ... Victoria Morrow has a gift for storytelling and creating striking images of the landscape, the legends, and most importantly her characters ... a quiet yet powerful story. — 4 +, Romantic Times (nominated for the "Best Historical Romance by a New Author" by RWA (Romance Writers of America).

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