Nebraska Center for Writers

Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Christopher Thomas


"The Thinnest Wounds," Canadian Poetry Review

"Pike Street," First Hand

"Tell The Wet November," Poem

"Since the Plague," Duckabush Journal

"Supervising the Camp Showers," Chiron Review

"Behind Closed Doors," RFD

"Lincoln Park Beach," Secrets from the Orange Couch

"Letter Never Sent," Chiron Review

"Faces II," James White Review

"Long Leafy Dreams," New Voices of Nebraska

"The Thinning Wind," Bay Windows

"Advice for Tending the Ego," Pinhurst Journal

"Touching," The Gay Review

"Why I Moved Back to Nebraska," Amelia (forthcoming)

"AIDS Related Dementia," Bay Windows

"What to Do When Nothing Works," Hurakan

"Epicurean Delight," Paramour Magazine

"Retrospective," New York Native

"Forbidden Fruit," New York Native

"AIDS: Naming the Darkness," Chiron Review

"Visiting the AIDS Wing," Evergreen Chronicles

"For Fear of AIDS," Hurakan

"Going Among the Names," Hurakan

"When the Heart Waits," Bay Windows

"Letter to a Beautiful Boy," Raven Chronicles

"Portrait of an X Lover," Raven Chronicles

"Kaddish," Church Wesley

"Preparing to Dance," Black Springs Review

"A Kiss on the Cheek," Windless Orchard


"Visiting the AIDS Quilt," "AIDS: Naming the Darkness," Prayers to Protest, Puddin House Press

"Hustler," Runaways, Star Books

"Milk Run," Secret Passions, Star Books

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