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of Scott Harrison Sutton


Desert Redemption, Review and Herald, 2005.


"Dangerous Medina." The Bell Weather (Bellevue University literary magazine), Spring 1985.


"Rescued by Joe and a Cuppa," Chicken Soup for the Tea Lover’s Soul (HCI, Inc, 2007).

"Our Man in Dubai," UNO Alum, Summer 2004.

"Churches in Dubai," Liberty Magazine, Jan/Feb 2004.

"This Year's Views from a Nebraskan in the Middle East," Omaha World-Herald, January 6 2004.

"Reasonable Voters Should be Alarmed by Bush's Radicalism" (op-ed Piece). Omaha World-Herald, Feb. 29 2004.

"North American Women Working in the Gulf." Women's Lifestyle (Orlando, Provo, Detroit), September 2004.

"Easy Riders of the UAE," Arabian Man, Jan/Feb 2003.

"Americans Need to Learn About the World," (op-ed piece), Omaha World-Herald, February 24, 2003.

"Sandhogs: Harley Riders of the Arabian Gulf," Biker Magazine, April 2003.

"Americans Living in the Gulf: Is Anyone Listening to us?" The Gateway, April 2003.

"Trekking in the Himalayas," Fine Lines Journal, June 2003.

"Women in Black," Women’s Lifestyle, September 2003.

"The Covered Women of Dubai," Sasee, Sept/Oct 2003.

"Neocons and Jews Make Potent Cocktail," Gulf News, October 30 2003.

"The Post September 11th World."Fine Lines Journal, Spring 2002.

Making a Case for Terror. The International American, March 2002.

"Dubai's Forgotten Dogs." The International American, July 2001.

"Ageless Rebels: Riding the American Legend." The International American, June 2000.

"Showtime in the UAE…with the Dubai Drama Group." The International American. September 2000.

"The Desert's Blooming." Adventist Review, November 2000. (also online)

"More About Dubai." Fine Lines Journal, Winter 1999.

"How Arabs & Iranians Feel about Americans." The International American. Winter 1998. Reprinted with permission in Fine Lines Journal Winter 1998.

"Dubai." Fine Lines Journal, Autumn 1997.

"Hothorpe Hall." Fine Lines Journal, Spring 1993.

"Memories of Russia." Fine Lines Journal, Spring 1992.

"Travelogue/commentary on disintegrating Yugoslavia." Sound and News. Winter 1985.

"Onstage: Commercial Federal Employees." Commercial Federal Communiqué, Winter 1983.

Pie Eating Contest. Bellevue Leader, Spring 1978.


Weekly columns printed in The Gateway, The Fremont Tribune, The Plattsmouth Journal, and The Daily Iowan.

Americans in the Middle East: Is Anyone Asking for our Views?
An American in the Middle East
Covered Women part 1
Covered Women part 2
Clinton in Dubai
Those Covered Arabs
A Reply from the Middle East
Dummies Guide to Iran
Belly Dancing in Dubai
Gulf News Stories
What Girls in Black Think of the USA
Hammas, Hezbollah and the News Agencies, Dubai and Nebraska in the News, Ramadan, An Evening with Five Palestinian Girls, Thoughts About Middle East News, Extremists and Youth, The German Christmas Markets, Dating in Dubai


Online Publications Can You Imagine Being Occupied?
Being an American Living Overseas
Some Facts about Iran
Dubai and Nebraska in the News
IGOUGO Website: journal entries about Dubai.
Amtrak Trip 2002 (On Track On Line)
Amtrak Trip 2002
A travel/political forum. Americans Need to Learn and Americans Living in the Gulf


"Literature in the ESL Classroom." Co-authored with Dr Owen Mordaunt. Paper presented at conference: Nation and Language: Modern Aspects of Socio-Linguistic Development. Lithuania 2006.


"The Writing Process" (video). Co-produced. University of Nebraska, 1994.

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