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Poet BARBARA SCHMITZ retired from her teaching position in English at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska, though she still teaches occasionally. She is a former editor of Elkhorn Review, and she has had poems published in such journals as Prairie Schooner, Laurel Review, Nebraska Review, Silverfish Review, Poetry Motel, Hurakan, River Styx, and Kansas Quarterly. Her chapbook, Making Tracks, was published by Suburban Wilderness Press in Duluth. She's also the author of The Lives of the Saints (Main-Travelled Roads #8, 1996), How to Get Out of the Body (Sandhills Press, 1999), The Upside Down Heart (Sandhills Press, 2003), and How Much Our Dancing Has Improved? (Backwaters Press, 2005). Her most recent collection is What Bob Says (Pudding House Publications, 2011). A resident of Norfolk, she gives psychic readings in the form of poems and is a winner of the Encouragement Award from the Nebraska Arts Council's Individual Artists Fellowships program (1997).

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