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Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Robert Reed


Beneath the Gated Sky. Tor Books, 1997. Beyond the Veil of Stars. Tor Books, 1994.

Black Milk. Bantam Books, 1989.

Down the Bright Way. Bantam Books, 1981.

An Exaltation of Larks. Tor Books, 1995.

The Hormone Jungle. 1988.

The Leeshore. 1987

Marrow. Tor Books, 2000.

Marrow 2. 2004.

The Remarkables. 1992.

Sister Alice. Tor Books, 2003.


A Billion Eves, Isaac Asimov Magazine, 2007.


The Dragons of Springplace. Golden Gryphon Press, 1999.


Guest of Honor. 1998.


"Eight Episodes," 2007.

"Burger Love," 1992.

"Chrysalis," 1996.

"Coffins," 1992.

"The Cuckoo's Boys," 1998.

"Decency," 1996.

"First Tuesday," 1996.

"Goo Fish," 1997.

"Guest of Honor," 1993.

"Killing the Morrow," 1996.

"Marrow," 1997.

"Mother Death," 1998.

"Mrs Greasy," 1995.

"A Place with Shade," 1995.

"The Remoras," 1994.

"Savior," 1998.

"Sister Alice," 1993.

"Totipotent," 1989.

"Treading in the Afterglow," 1985.

"The Utility Man," 1990.

"Waging Good," 1995.

"Whiptail," 1998.

"Winemaster," 1999.


A 40th Anniversary Anthology. 1994.

Aliens Among Us. 2000.

Bangs And Whimpers: Stories About the End of the World. 1999.

The Best from Fantasy And Science Fiction: The 50th Anniversary Anthology. 1994.

Dying for It. 1997.

The Furthest Horizon. 2000.

The Good New Stuff. 1999.

Isaac Asimov's Moons. 1997.

Isaac Asimov's Valentines. 1999.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Science Fiction 11th Annual Collection. 1997.

New Destinies, Vol. III. 1989.

Universe 16. 1986.

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Ninth Annual Collection. 1996.

The Year's Best Science Fiction Eleventh Annual Collection. 1994.

The Year's Best Science Fiction Thirteenth Annual Collection. 1996.

The Year's Best Science Fiction Fifteenth Annual Collection. 1998.

The Year's Best Science Fiction Fourteenth Annual Collection. 1997.

The Year's Best Science Fiction Twelfth Annual Collection. 1995.

The Year's Best Science Fiction Seventeenth Annual Collection. 2000.

The Year's Best Science Fiction Sixteenth Annual Collection 1999.

Year's Best SF 2. 1997.

Year's Best SF 4 1999.


Winner, Hugo Award for Best Novella, 2007, for A Billion Eves.

Third Place, Hugo Award for Best Short Story, 2007, for "Eight Episodes."

Finalist, Theodore Sturgeon Award, 2003.

Winner, Asimov's Readers' Choice Award, 2002, for "She Sees My Monsters Now."

Nominee, Hugo Best Short story nominee, 1999, for "Whiptail"

Nominee, Hugo Best Novella nominee, 1998, for Marrow

Nominee, Hugo Best Short story nominee, 1997, "Decency"

Nominee, Nebula Best Novella nominee, 1997, "Chrysalis"

Nominee, Hugo Best Short story nominee, 1991, for "The Utility Man"

Winner, L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award, 1986.

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