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In Benton
Copyright © 2002
by Mary Ridder
Dageforde Publishing

In Benton is a contemporary novel set in the fictional small town of Benton, Nebraska, and in the halls of state government.
In Benton is a love story where the main character Liz Daniels, with her three young children, moves from Minneapolis to Benton to escape a failed marriage and to live quietly. She soon discovers that no matter what your address, you still have to live. It's also the story of second chance love and love of people for where they live and the work they do there.
Underlying themes are economic development as opposed to economic growth challenges, agriculture in crisis, and telecommuting.
In Benton is a love story as comfortable in the personal landscape as it is in the Nebraska landscape. — from the jacket

Universal themes, such as economic development, relocation and the humor and struggle of relationships ... a near-allegorical love story. — Lincoln Journal Star

Mary Ridder's debut novel In Benton is the compelling story of Liz Daniels, a divorced single mother with three small children. Liz moves to a small Nebraska town to simplify her life, but tangled tragedies and crises, local politics, and unavoidable personal issues crowd her and Liz must strive to achieve balance and adjust to the manifold demands of her new surroundings. In Benton is highly recommended as a deftly woven tale focused on dealing with change, and embarking upon new beginnings. — Midwest Book Review

If you like your sunsets painted in vivid colors ... read on, you won't want to put it down. — Custer County Chief

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