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Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Saba Razvi


Of the Divining and the Dead. Finishing Line Press, 2012.


"Dusk Intermediary," "Nor Equinox Nor Promise," "An Architecture for Mystery," "At the Lotus Tree Beyond Which There Is No Passing," "Leonid Shower Above 360 Overlook." The Offending Adam. Feature in Issue 66, June 13, 2011.
"Self-Portrait as Wick-Tender and Candle Flame." The Loudcst Voice Anthology. Volume I, 2010.
"Amphibious Catalogue with Invisible Stair." The Loudest Voice Anthology. Volume 1, 2010.
"Before the Wedding Party." Arsenic Lobster. April 2010.
"From the Hours of Forgiveness." Arsenic Lobster. April 2010.
"First Night in the New House." Arbor Vitae. Issue 4.5, November 2009.
"Datur." 13th Warrior Review. Volume 7, Issue 14, Fall 2009.
"Eve, Eve, and Adam ... Nowhere." 10x3 plus. April 2009.
"Chand Raat: Eid ul Fitr," "Abida," "American Flag as Pardah," "Oil Field, Mine, Field. Afghanistan." "Double Edge of Scimitar," "Holy Land." Voices of Resistance: Muslim Women on War, Faith. & Sexualily. Editor: Sarah Husain. Seal Press, June 2006.
"Becomiing Prodigal." The Homestead Rcview. Spring/Summer 2005.
"This Ascension in the CD Player." Anthology. May/June 2003.
"Muse." Diner. Spring/Summer 2003.
"heliophobia." Karamu. Spring 2004.
"The Beguiling of Merlin." Crucible. Fall 2003.
"Julnar of the Sea," "Rain," "Talisman," and "Beware: Alligators Do Not Feed Ducks." Tahzeeb-e-Deccan.


English Department Summer Grant for Dissertation Research & Writing, May 2008.
Summer Stimulus Grant for Research & Conference Presentation, June 2008.
Honorable Mention in English Department's Moses Poetry Contest, April 2008.
Honorable Mention in English Department Moses Poetry Contest, April 2006.
Virginia C. Middleton Fellowship, August 2003-August 2006.
Fania Kruger Fellowship, 1st Place Award, April 2003.
James A. Michener Fellowship, January 2003.

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