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Jonis Agee's

Jonis Agee
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Viking has just published the latest novel by Nebraska's Jonis Agee. South of Resurrection confirms Agee's place as one of the most eloquent spokespersons for our part of the world. She's a contemporary Willa Cather, with a good dose of Larry McMurtry and Sandra Bernhard tossed in for flavor and bite. The New York Times Book Review describes her as "a gifted poet of that dark lushness in the heart of the American landscape." And Kirkus Reviews describes South of Resurrection as "one of the best novels by anyone writing today about the old, long-settled corner of the South."
Moline Bedwell thought she'd never have to return to her hometown, Resurrection, Missouri, when she left it at the age of sixteen. But now, her family gone, here she is twenty years later, back long enough to sell her parents' home, she thinks. But when the Heart Hog Corporation threatens to buy up all the land around Resurrection, she decides she has to stay. She finds herself falling in love again with Dayrell Bell--the wild hillbilly boy she abandoned to an unjust jail term when she escaped her hometown all those years ago. Secrets, danger, and the ghosts of the past converge to draw her into battles of progress and tradition, race and class, and her own ambivalence toward a new life that must be rooted in the old. In South of Resurrection, Agee's superb prose and gritty characters tell a compelling and passionate story of going home again and learning that--maybe--you never need have left.

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