Nebraska Center for Writers

Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Anita Norman


"Sit Thee Down, Sorrow," Mountain Plains Library Association Quarterly, Fall 1974

"World Affiars in Nebraska," Platte Valley Review, 1975

"Last Time Through Nevada," Platte Valley Review, 1976

"The Library at Night In Winter," Platte Valley Review, 1977

"The Investent," Platte Valley Review, 1978

"Piano Tuning," Platte Valley Review, 1979

"Transplanting," Platte Valley Review, 1980

"Mistake," Platte Valley Review, 1981

"Stormwatch," Axletree, 1981

"In Memoriam II," Platte Valley Review, 1982

"Caretaker," "Letting Go," The Lamplight, 1983

"Backyard Grapevine," Smackwarm, Spring 1984

"The Flatlander," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1984

"Issue," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1985

"Once in My Lifetime Song," Plainsongs, October 1985

"Platte Valley Refuge," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1986

"A Gentle Dividing," Whole Notes, 1987

"Poem in April," Platte Valley Review, 1983

"Father and Son," Plainsongs, Fall 1986

"Bark Piver," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1987

"This Western Union Man," Elkhorn Review, Spring 1987

"Cradling Her Under Your Arm," Plainsongs, Fall 1987

"Special Education," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1988

"Nature" "Night Crossing," South Dakota Review, Fall 1988

"Nebraska Town," Whole Notes Fifth Anniversary Issue, 1989

"Stained Glass," "New Age," Phase and Cycle, Summer 1989

"College Library," College and Research Libraries News, October 1989

"Family Story," Plainsongs, January 1990

"Archives," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1990

"Winterspell," Whole Notes, Fall 1991

"CT Ryan Library," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1991

"Moon Night," "Hard Freeze," Phase and Cycle, Fall-Winter 1992

"Heartwell," Plainsongs, Spring 1993

"Pond at the Edge of a Vacant Lot," "Twilight, On the Way to St Joe," Whole Notes, Fall 1993

"Autumn Afternoon," "Unfinished Business," Whole Notes, Spring 1995

"Yellowstone," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1995

"Dead Man Sleeping," Whole Notes, Spring 1997

"Taken Care of," Platte Valley Review, Spring 1997

"Undertow," Whole Notes, Spring 1999


Review of Keeper of Miniature Deer by Don Welch, Nebraska Library Association Quarterly, Summer 1986

Review of Welded Women: A Collection of Poems, by Nancy G Westerfield, Nebraska Library Association Quarterly, Fall 1983

"Marilyn Morgan Helleberg: A Nebraska Author," Nebraska Library Association Quarterly, Summer 1982

"Don Welch: Poet and Teacher," Nebraska Library Association Quarterly, Spring 1976

Nebraska Poets: Hargis and Nancy Westerfield," Nebraska Library Association Quarterly, Fall 1975

"Helping with Books," in Paul Welter's How to Help a Friend, Tyndale, 1978, 1990.


"Phantom," "On a Street Corner," The Sandhills and Other Geographies, Sandhills Press, 1980


Winner, Poetry in Motion Contest, for "Backyard Grapevine," sponsored by the UNO Writers' Workshop, 1984

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