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Niobrara Crossing
Copyright © 2007
by G Gray McVicker
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As the book opens, Wakinya, the great Thunderbird of the Lakota nation, is creating havoc in the skies of Nebraska for Jim Gray Sparrow Grant an attorney from Denver. Besides his half-breed status caused him to lose faith in his hometown. He wonders if the storm is too much for the small plane he is piloting through the turbulance.
His trip to the State Penitentary was scheduled after a former lover, Sandy Williams Gibbons, a Nebraska Senator and millionaire rancher, contacts him.
Jim grew up in the Sandhills but hadn't thought about his home outside of Cottonwood Springs for quite some time. He was too busy with life in Denver.
If he had stayed in the Sandhills, his future as a rancher was held in doubt and a bond with his blood brothers was discouraged. He was locked in between. Ironically it was because of both rebukes that he became a successful defense attorney. To get there, though, he had to give up his integrity and leave behind the woman he loved.
Sandy's reason for calling after twenty years was to hire Jim.
Raymond Two Bears who worked for Sandy was one of Jim's best friends when he was younger had been sent to prison for killing his father. Sandy, after eight years, believed Raymond was framed and wanted to take his case on appeal to get his conviction overturned.
In his attempts to resolve the conflict, Jim finds himself imbedded in historical and spiritual parallels that haunt him deeply and remind him of his ancestors' fight for survival. It becomes a real-life struggle for Jim.
Readers of contemporary and social fiction will enjoy the story because it relates to many of the struggles we deal with. It will leave powerful messages with you long after you finish the book. — from the publisher

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