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Walking the verges that skirt

RT. 20 in Northwest Nebraska
through the dunes beyond the
14th fairway into the Irish Sea.

Barbed wire frames these hills
no flap-flap or children's
howling but winds calling out
Lie down, roll across the sands.

Copyright © 1997
by Eamonn Wall
All rights reserved.

has followed his highly praised book of 1994, Dyckman-200th Street (Salmon), with Iron Mountain Road (Salmon), a chronicle of the poet's travels from Ireland to New York to the open spaces of the American Plains. Wall's poetry is tender but spiked with wit, a voice speaking its secrets and surprises, reminding us of things we never knew we knew. No subject is beyond his grasp, from the four stern faces of Mt. Rushmore to the "Order Here" box at the local McDonald's. With the vivid insight of the outsider, he brings to life the Platte River, the Black Hills of South Dakota, and some of the best-loved places of our region. A recent review on Ireland's RTÉ Radio put it this way: "He's managed to take in the mythology of the States, and it's blessedly free of nostalgia, the too easy trip back home. He's able to find the connection between the old world and the new....a good, muscular, adult book. Wall has found his stride."

Eamonn Wall was born in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland. He attended University College, Dublin, the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee, and City University of New York, where he received a Ph.D in English. He lives in Omaha, where he is an Associate Professor of English at Creighton University.

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