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Susan Aizenberg's first book has just been published. Her poetry, along with the work of Mark Turpin and Suzanne Qualls, is featured in Take Three: 2, the celebrated series published by Graywolf Press ( Boston Book Review said, "Graywolf Press and the editors are to be commended, not only for this volume [#1] and the series it inaugurates, but also for the admirable eclecticism shown in the selection of poets. If this series continues to find writers as interesting as these three, it will make a significant contribution").

Susan was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has lived also in Nevada, Connecticut, upstate New York, Texas, Florida, and for the past ten years, Nebraska. Her poems have appeared in mnay journals, including AGNI, Prairie Schooner, The Journal, and Laurel Review. Currently, she is Poetry Editor of the Nebraska Review and teaches part-time in the Writer's Workshop at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. For more information about Susan Aizenberg, click here.

Edited by Askold Melnyczuk and the poetry panel of AGNI magazine, Take Three: 2 is the second in an important annual series designed to launch the work of new poets.

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