Nebraska Center for Writers
Top of the Rock
for March 1996

a novel by
Ron Hansen

Ron Hansen's deeply affecting new novel opens in winter on the high plains of Colorado where rancher Atticus Cody receives an unexpected visit from his wayward young son. An artist and wanderer, Scott has recently settled into a life of heavy drinking and recklessness among expatriates and Mexicans in the little town of Resurreccion on the Caribbean coast. Weeks later, Atticus himself goes down to Mexico to recover the body of his son, thinking he has committed suicide. Puzzled by what he finds in Resurreccion, he begins to suspect that Scott has been murdered.

Atticus is the story of a father's fierce love for his son, a love so steadfast and powerful that it bends the impersonal forces of destiny to its own will. As Atticus uncovers the story of his son's death, fitting together the pieces of the mosaic that was Scott's life in Mexico--and encountering a group of disturbing characters along the way--he suffers a father's grief and rage, but is driven forward in his quest to understand by the even more powerful force of a father's love.

Written in the sensuous prose style of Ron Hansen's earlier works of fiction, Atticus is a suspenseful murder mystery, as vivid and precise in its imagery as the highly acclaimed Mariette in Ecstasy. Illuminating those often obscure chambers of the human heart, Atticus is finally a novel about deeply rooted, almost unfathomable love, a mystery that Ron Hansen's fiction explores with a passion and intensity no reader will be able to resist.

Copyright © 1996 by Ron Hansen
Jacket design © 1996 by Honi Werner,
with art derived in part from a photograph
by Erik Rank/Photonica
Author Photo © 1996 by David Liittschwager
Published by HarperCollins

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