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Poet, editor, and translator GLENNA LUSCHEI was born in the midwest but has lived in Colombia, New Mexico, North Carolina and California. She studied at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and earned her MA in English at the University of Nebraska — Lincoln and her MA in Spanish at the University of California — Santa Barbara. She’s been the director of the performing arts and activist group India, Inc since 1975, and has worked as the editor-publisher of Solo Press since 1967. Her nineteen books include Back into My Body and New Poems (Mille Grazie P, 1994), Matriarch (The Smith, 1992), and her most recent books, Shot With Eros and Pianos Around the Cape (Aspermont P, 1999). Of her Nebraska roots, she says, "I dream most about my grandfather's 'farm' in Furnas County near Beaver City where I lived as a child. He had come to Red Cloud in a covered wagon before the turn of the century and became the county defender, starting a family tradition that includes my brother John Stevens Berry and my son, Erich." She was named Poet Laureate of San Luis Obispo, California, where she lives. In midst of the 2001 celebration of Prairie Schooner, she announced a major gift to endow the editorship of the magazine. Of the gift, Prairie Schooner editor Hilda Raz said, "Glenna's philanthropy not only assures Prairie Schooner another 75 years and more of continuing vibrant life, but makes possible creative and interdisciplinary projects previously impossible to publish."

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