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A Near Country
Copyright © 1995
by Glenna Luschei, David Oliveira,
and Jackson Wheeler

A Near Country is like one of those miraculous trios by Haydn or Brahms. Glenn Luschei is the violin, carrying the tragic motif of the book in high, clear song: Oliveira is the piano supporting the work with insistent rhythm and wit: Wheeler is the cello with its dark and brilliant theme that ties the composition together in a burst of pain and reconciliation. This is a book to treasure in dark times and with everlasting hope. — Carolyn Kizer

I am moved by Glenna Luscheiís bold, painterly glimpses of vibrant life. — Carol Muske

Pianos Around the Cape
Copyright © 1999
by Glenna Luschei
Aspermont P
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Pianos Around the Cape is a mighty celebration of life — astounding in the face of terrible loss and immense pain. ... Glenna Luschei has served her and our muse well as a spirited human, a dedicated editor and publisher, and here — yet again — as a master poet. She is an oracle for our time, resplendent in awareness sand awesome truth. — Ronald Bayes, from the introduction

Her writing celebrates its elements and seasons, the growing things and creatures, with sharp, evocative colors and a sinewy verse music alert to the poetic capacities in the sounds of such ordinary words as mica and tarmac, soap and oak. — Tom Clark

From hearing you read your poems, what I remember now is their unusually strong emotional effect, with many lines still sounding in my ear for days afterward, and images that remain extraordinarily vivid. Your work is warm, compassionate, and rooted in our common humanness, but lighted with gleams from the far reaches of inner and outer space. — Frank Waters

... one of the finest lyrical poets currently practicing in America. — Grover Lewis

Luscheiís poems draw us back to the intimate places in the world we thought were lost. — Steven Sher

... these poems are on the other side of despair. They see through their occasions, even the sad ones, toward what is precious in the life one is given. — Gene Frumkin

Glennaís poetry as all good poetry, releases itself slow into the mind of the reader. There is great diversity and richness in Pianos Around the Cape. — Ingrid Reti

... a plaintive cry that will be recognizable to anyone who has suffered profound loss. — Sally Buckner

Shot With Eros
Copyright © 2002
by Glenna Luschei
John Daniel & Company
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Shot With Eros covers thirty years in the writing career of poet/rancher/publisher Glenna Luschei. The poems in this collection are funny, moving, sensual, and intelligent. Glenna Luschei has a fine ear for language and a fine eye for the landscape, but more than anything else, these are poems about the language and landscape of relationships. — from the jacket

Glenna Luschei's poems are always lively, brave, sometimes biting as lime juice — written by an enchanting mind. — Robert Bly

Shot With Eros is a fitting title for this collection. These thoughtful poems about aspiring, self-fulfilling, and sometimes disappointing love are sung in a music of sensuous detail. This book will delight readers who, like the author, find Eros in the world of ordinary objects and flowering nature. — Jeanne Shannon

Glenna Luschei is a modern-day Judith, life's passion bared, tempting us to enter her tent: these poems, as honest and intoxicating as lust, as exotic as dream. Here is writing at its most intimate and sensual — poetry as aphrodisiac, imagery seductive. ... Love, for Luschei, is the only peace we deeply know, the one sure legacy we leave. — Steven Sher

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