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Enchanted Hearts
Copyright © 200
by Lorna Luben
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For Ellen Beckwith, it comes as a shot — a rifle shot introducing her to her new life in New Mexico Territory. Fleeing her turbulent past and uncertain of her relationship with God, she has two clear missions: to open a store in Simsville, New Mexico and find employment for women bereft by the Civil War. She survives assaults, kidnapping, arson, and torture with the help of Territorial Marshal Owen Brady and the young half-breed Ellen rescues from a murderous mob. Forces attempting to drive her from the territory align with her malevolent ex-fiancť determined to obtain her fortune by any method necessary. A friend who betrayed her saves Ellenís life without regard for his own, posing the dilemma of following manís law or Godís. But her enemies are still loose and she is not safe. She finally realizes God has been answering her prayers in His own mysterious way. — from the publisher

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