Nebraska Center for Writers

by Steve Langan

Because it has always been it shall remain thus,
sanctification just part of the ongoing episode
about the loss of faith,
which suggests it will involve tears and scarves,
scarred retinas, dangling corneas,
and statuary the housekeeper dusts with a flower.

We hope this does not frighten you much,
escorting you into the unlocked chambers.
Let me assure you we have spent many hours strolling.
Your hand is cold. This is normal.
To your right is a dream; to your left, a mirage.
Your eyes seem troubled. We expect this.

Have you ever despised yourself over the cause
of a riddle? Or started in the middle?
Let me assure you we dream disunion and regret.
And I intend to tell you a host of anecdotes
But I must return to staring from this misbegotten porch
at the steel sections and long and short tubing

the factory next door has assembled, thinking of the future.
If you wish, we will begin again later.

Reprinted with permission
from Freezing
Copyright © 2001
by Steve Langan
New Issues Press

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