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Poet KARL SHAPIRO was born in Baltimore in 1913. He attended the University of Virginia from 1932-33 and Johns Hopkins University from 1937-39. Though he began writing poetry at an early age, but gained fame while serving in the Army. He sent his poetry back to his fiancee, who saw it into print. When he returned from the service, he was already a noted man of letters. From 1956-66, he was a member of the English faculty at the University of Nebraska — Lincoln, where he was editor of Prairie Schooner. Poet and critic Joseph Parisi has this to say about Shapiro's importance:
During World War II, and well before the Beats and the counter-culture movement, Shapiro boldly voiced his opposition to the high Modernism of TS Eliot and the New Criticism that had dominated literature and the Academy since the Thirties ... despite receiving numerous honors and holding prestigious literary positions, (Shapiro) has managed, by circumstances, temperament, and his own strong will, to remain an outsider.

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