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Turn of the Century
Copyright © 1999
by Kurt Andersen
Random House
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As the year 2000 progresses, George Mactier and Lizzie Zimbalist, ten years married, are caught up in the whirl of their centrifugally accelerating lives. George is a TV producer for the upstart network MBC, launching a truly and weirdly groundbreaking new show that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. Lizzie is a software entrepreneur dealing with the breakneck pleasures and pains of running her own company in an industry where the rules are rewritten daily.
However, after Lizzie, recovering from a Microsoft deal gone awry, becomes a confidante and advisor to George's boss, billionaire media mogul Harold Mose, the couple discovers that no amount of sophisticated spin can obscure basic instincts: envy, greed, suspicion, sexual temptation — and, maybe, love. When they and their children are finally drawn into a thrilling, high-tech corporate hoax that sends Wall Street reeling (and makes one person very, very rich), George and Lizzie can only marvel at life's oversized surprises and hold on for dear life. — from the publishere

Anderson brilliantly sustains the comic pace throughout the lengthy narrative. — Publishers Weekly

Kurt Andersen jacks you into the nerve center of the media society and pins your eyelids open until you go nearly blind with overload. — New York Times Book Review

... the first most promising novelist of the Third Millennium. — Entertainment Weekly

It's a little as if Leopold and Molly Bloom had been slimmed down, hyped up, tuned in and given a year instead of a day to exist. Fortunately, most of the digressions are informative, wickedly satirical or outrageously funny and often all at once. ... Andersen has written the most uncliched novel imaginable. New York Times

If Terry Southern had lived to see (or even imagine) the coming century, this is the novel he might have concocted. — Kirkus Reviews is ... a joy to watch him at work, ricocheting off everything putrid and tinny in our culture. — Time Sly and scintillating. — Newsday

Wonderful writing ... it sparkles with original observations about society, the media, marriage, Microsoft, computer hackers, the global economy and the new power triangle of New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. — USA Today

Wickedly keen. — The Wall Street Journal

Rare is the book that makes me laugh out loud. Turn of the Century did constantly. ... Witty and dazzling. — Philadelphia Inquirer

Copyright © 2007
by Kurt Anderson
Random House
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A tale of bright, rambunctious, aspiring young people. Like them, the book is rowdy, knowing—and wholly American. — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Utterly believable. Characters that are vivid and convincing. A major historical work of lore and wisdom, irony and humor — the kind of historical novel that has always been the most satisfying to read. — Los Angeles Times

Teeming with extravagantly vivid characters. It's a band-concert of a novel, a parade in honor of overreaching. There is something moving, a stirring spirit, in the energy of its amazement. — New York Times Book Review

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Exhilarating. Heyday explores previously uncharted territory. Deserves instant acceptance into the ranks of Thomas Berger's Little Big Man, Doctorow's Ragtime, and Vidal's Lincoln."

Like a long-lost literary treasure. Heyday is too hard to put down. If its ripping plot twists don't hook you, then youíre bound to be snared by the scads of riveting historical details. It'll be just as enjoyable in 150 years as it is today. 'A.' — Entertainment Weekly

A swift, rich, thrilling voyage, an adventure of the highest order. — New York

Manic energy, fanatical research, and a wicked sense of humor. Enthralling. A joyful, wild gallop through a joyful, wild time to be an American. — Vanity Fair

Uproarious. A boisterous adventure. — Elle

A lavish, wide-angled portrait. Sweeping and satisfying, an exuberant vision. — Vogue

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