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Mildred Walker

Mildred Walker, 1905-

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Like Weldon Kees, Mildred Walker is a Nebraska writer whose talents are far beyond her reputation. Despite the fact that her books were wildly popular in the 30's, 40's, and 50's, hers is not a name that springs to mind quickly when people list seminal writers of the century. The University of Nebraska Press has begun to right this literary wrong by republishing many of her wonderful novels in its Bison Books series. Aesthetically, Walker, a chronicler of the modern American West and New England, lives down the street from Willa Cather and around the corner from Edith Wharton. She is one of the writers other writers name when they're asked about their influences. Her work somehow both captures its times and remains startlingly fresh. The Philadelphia Inquirer puts it succinctly: "You are either a Mildred Walker enthusiast or you are missing one of the best writers on the American scene." The fact that these books are coming back into print--and while the author is still alive and able to enjoy the rebirth of her celebrity--is a cause for joy.

A few of Mildred Walker's many novels
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The Body of a Young Man
Medical Meeting
Winter Wheat
If a Lion Could Talk
Light from Arcturus

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