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Extreme Measures
Copyright © 2002
by Renee Halverson
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André Du Bois was not a betting man, but if he were, he would have laid odds that the woman in red was robbing his dealers blind. He had an uncanny knack for detecting a cheat in his saloon, and he could tell this beauty's smile disguised a quick mind and even quicker fingers. To catch her in the act he dealt himself into the game, never guessing he might lose his heart in the process.
Faith O'Malley put no trust in lady luck. She depended on her wits to succeed at cards-even in the highest stakes game. And experience told her the ante had just been raised. The new gambler's good looks were distracting enough, but his intelligent eyes promised trouble. Still, Faith would risk everything-her reputation, her virtue-to save the innocent people depending on her. And it wasn't until later that she'd stop to learn what she'd won.

It’s easy to see why Ms Halverson won Dorchester’s New Historical Voice contest. This charming, delightful yet poignant western has all the wonderful characters, action and sexual tension readers want!
Faith O’Malley knows that desperate times call for desperate measures and when the local banker threatens to foreclose on the home she has built for orphans, Faith heads for the saloon’s card table.
The instant that gambler André Du Bois sees the lady in red he knows she’s up to no good. He thinks the little cheat is out to fleece his patrons and he has to stop her. But her fiery temper and stunning green eyes stop him in his tracks. She runs off with the money, and he vows to find her.
When he catches Faith, he blackmails her into working as a dealer in the saloon, but really André just wants to keep the Irish hellion nearby. They might fight their mutual attraction, but neither can deny their growing desire. Just as Andre begins to trust again, his past returns with a vengeance and these two gamblers must learn what it means to lose your heart and win in love.
Though the story is not new, Renee Halverson has a fresh voice filled with the excitement of a new writer. Her believable and likeable characters will win you over and the plot twists will keep you gripped to the very end. Many readers will now also want a book about Andre’s friend, the sheriff. — Kathe Robin, Sensual

Extreme Measures is a dazzling and delicious debut from a bright new talent! — Teresa Medeiros

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