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Cold Hunter's Moon
Copyright © 2002
by KC Greenlief
St Martin's P
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On a cold, snowy November day in Big Oak, Wisconsin, Ann Ranson's dogs drag home something bloody. In the height of hunting season, Ann assumes it's a deer part and goes out to get rid of it. Instead, she is shocked to discover it's the remains of a human foot!" "Sheriff Lark Swenson, a former homicide detective from Chicago who recently moved to the country after his wife's death, begins to investigate. When a second body is found, the state police join in the case. State Detective Lacey Smith works very closely with Sheriff Swenson, and the two of them find themselves battling their mutual attraction, as well as hunting down a cold-blooded killer." While the police try to find out who's been killing young female students from the university, someone starts shooting at Ann Ranson and the sheriff. Lark and Lacey need to find the killer before somone else winds up dead! — from the publisher

Wear a parka and snow goggles while you read this frosty and blood-spattered first novel. ... This is a great read for a night in front of the fireplace. — Publishers Weekly

... a pleasant, atmospheric read. — Booklist

Rarely is the locale so carefully constructed. Characters are infused with realism. ... I expect Cold Hunter's Moon to be the beginning of a highly regarded mystery series. Deadly Pleasures

Cold Hunter's Moon is as much a small-town relationship drama as it is a police procedural. ... Subgenre readers will welcome newcomer KC Greenlief, whose ability to place real people in a taut investigative tale will make her a fan favorite quite quickly. — Harriet Klausner, Book Browser

This novel, with its Fargoesque look and feel, will have you tingling with excitement and the need for a warmer pair of socks. — Nashville Woman

Frigid weather and some pretty frightening characters make this a good first effort by an author who provides a sleuth you want to meet again. — Oklahoman

The writing is so realistic that you'll shiver with every wind gust. ... A fine debut with appealing, intelligent characters. — St Louis Post-Dispatch

Lark and Lacey are a promising pair, and Greenlief tells a good story. — Denver Rocky Mountain News

Death at the Door
Copyright © 2003
by KC Greenlief
St Martin's/Minotaur
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Ann Ranson hates golf, and when an errant drive of hers leaves a man sprawled on the next green, it's clear the game doesn't like her either. But then she realizes the man is dead, and it isn't her golf ball that killed him — he's been stabbed! In that moment, Ann and her friends, Sheriff Lark Swenson and State Detective Lacey Smith, are thrown together investigating a murder case, just as they were the previous winter. As with that case, this one has no shortage of suspects. The victim was thwarting development interests in the increasingly popular vacation hot spot of Door County, Wisconsin. Add to that a baffling rash of robberies of priceless antiques from summer homes, and Ann, Lark, and Lacy will have their hands full all summer. — from the publisher

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