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The Adventures of the Woman Homesteader:
The Life and
Letters of Elinore Pruitt Stewart
Copyright © 1992
by Susanne K George
U of Nebraska P
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Through extensive research using Stewart's many previously uncollected and unpublished letters, as well as interviews with Stewart's three children, George expands our understanding of the life and personality of this intrepid frontier woman....A worthy addition to strong American literature and history collections." — Kliatt

Given the recent literary critical attention to diaries, journals, and letters that add new dimensions to the record of the expansion into and settlement of the West, George's renewal of The Woman Homesteader's life and letters extends one's appreciation of a pioneering experience in one Western place. — American Literature

Stewart tells her own stories in this wonderful, very readable addition to scholarship on the lives of frontier/homestead women; George's brief commentaries do not intrude, but do enlighten and explain when explanations are needed. In her thoughtful afterword, George examines Stewart's works in light of their place in the American literary canon and interprets Stewart's life as "the personification of the unconquerable democratic spirit of the times." — Great Plains Quarterly

In this biographical volume, George's accompanying text places the letters in context, provides us with a better understanding of their creation, and describes that literary tradition in which they arose. Best of all, text and letters combine smoothly to tell the story of this fascinating woman and of the place and time in which she lived and wrote.--Nebraska History

Impertinences: Selected Writings of Elia Peattie
Copyright © 2005
by Susanne K George
Bison Books
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Impertinences: Selected Writings of Elia Peattie is a collection of articles, editorials, and narratives by Elia Peattie written during her tenure at the Omaha World-Herald from 1888 to 1896, richly illustrated with photographs from the period. Elia (Wilkinson) Peattie (1862-1935) was born during the Civil War and came of age at the advent of the era of the New Woman. In many ways Peattie embodied this new age of independence for women, writing both fiction and journalism and becoming one of the first Plains women to write editorial columns in a major newspaper that addressed public issues. Not shy with her opinions about current events in the state of Nebraska in the late nineteenth century, Peattie tackled subjects such as the Wounded Knee Massacre, capital punishment and lynchings, prostitution, the Omaha stockyards, beet-field workers in Grand Island, schools and child rearing, the need for orphanages, shelters for unwed mothers, charity hospitals, and the New Woman. Editor Susanne George Bloomfield includes a biography of Peattie, who is described as "tall, dignified, and kindly, and possessing a wicked sense of humor." Peattie's work now stands as a rare and valuable history of Nebraska, showing us a lively frontier society through the eyes of a woman engaged in the life of her community and her own struggle to balance her family and career. — from the publisher

Kate M Cleary, A Literary Biography with Selected Works
Copyright © 1997
by Susanne K George
U of Nebraska P
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Essential, rewarding reading. — Tillie Olsen

Wide-ranging and thorough research. ... The author has made the wise decision to iinclude exderpts of Cleary's works so we can see for ourselves what we've been missing. — Glenda Riley

Susanne K George's absorbing account recovers the life and works of a fascinating western American author. She vividly portrays Cleary's arduous decade and a half on the frontier and her last, tragic years in Chicago, where she died in 1905, at the age of forty-two. George also describes how Cleary's career reflects the difficulties faced by women authors at the end of the nineteenth century and the unique perspectives that such women brought to the art of fiction. — The Willa Cather Scholarly Edition

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