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The Maunsel Poets, 1905-1923: The Other Irish Renaissance. Dublin: Maunsel P, Fall 2002.

"Befitting Emblems of Adversity": A Modern Irish View of Edmund Spenser from WB Yeats to the Present. Creighton UP, 2001.


"Blinds Down; Middle of Nowhere." Natural Bridge: A Journal of Contemporary Literature. Forthcoming.

"Patio Matins, Wisteria Court." River King (Illinois Arts Council, Spring 2001).

"Asleep in the city," "C. T. A. Office: Aeolian Train," "Union Station Hausmusik," and "The Roadkill Sonata," forthcoming (Spring 2000) in The Absinthe Literary Cafe.

"Our Lady of Hibbing." Sou'wester (Winter 1999) 7.

"Lincoln Trail," "The Heartland" and "Militant Piety." Images (Fall 1999) 7-10.

"Cartographers," and "10 O'Clock News: Pastoral," Strong Coffee (August and October 1998).

"A Letter to Florence," The Café Review 8 (Spring 1997) 26.

"Bungalow Belt," Hammers 12 (Winter 1997) 54.

"Nobody Move and Nobody Gets Hurt," "Border Ballad," OYEZ Review 24 (1996) 79-80.

"Trepidations," Apostrophe 1.2 (Fall/Winter 1996) 59.

"The August Restoration," Hyphen 12 (Fall 1996) 65.

"Damned Crickets," Mostly Maine 17 (1996) 44.

"Four Stanzas," "Apeliotes," Chants (Spring 1996).

"Bride of the Wind: Queen of Gretna, NE." Tomorrow Magazine 15 (Spring 1996) 10.

"Ode to Buzzy Santos." American Goat 6 (Spring 1995) 11-12.

"My father washing feet," "Thoughts on Williams' ‘Marriage'." Summit Ave.Express (1990).

"Artist son," and "Meditation on a beer can." Summit Ave. Express. (1989).


"Joyce's Dublin: Hugh Kenner and Irish Studies." New Hibernia Review. Forthcoming Summer 2001.

"'Oh How Unlike Unto Orpheus': The Poetics of Colonization." Renaissance Forum, Autumn 2000.

"'These are not the thinges men live by now a days': Sir John Harington's visit to the O'Neill, 1599." Cahiers Elisabethains.  55 (Spring 1999): 1-17.

"Reading the Renaissance: John Derricke's Image of Irelande (c. 1579) and the Dolmen Press (1966-72)." Nua: Studies in Contemporary Irish Writing.1.2 (Fall 1998): 47-63.

"Poetry and History: The Munster Rebellion, 1590/1990." Apostophe. 1.3-4 (1998): 35-45.

"A View of Elizabeths' Ireland(s): Robert Welch's The Kilcolman Notebook (1994). Notes on Modern Irish Literature. 10 (1998): 4-17.

"A Tabula Votiva to the Failing Kind": John Dryden's "To Her Grace the Duchess of Ormonde." Seventeenth-Century News. 54.1-2 (Winter 1997): 9-14.

"The Greening of Edmund Spenser: Edmund Spenser and the Critical Writings of Edward Dowden and W. B. Yeats." The New Hibernia Review. 1.2 (Summer 1997): 112-34.

"Invoking Eire: Yeats's 'Municipal Gallery' Revised."The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies. 21.1 (1995): 57-76.

"'Campaigning against memory's mortmain': Benjaminian Allegory in John Montague's The Rough Field." Notes on Modern Irish Literature. 8 (1996) 12-19.

"Uneasy Domesticity: The Poetry of Gerald Dawe." Eire-Ireland: A Journal of Irish Studies. 29.2 (Summer 1994): 146


Nominee, Best American Poetry, 2003

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