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KENNETH C FLINT (aka Casey Flynn) is a much-published writer of fantasy and science fiction with a deep interest in Irish mythology. He is also the author of two Star Wars novels. A resident of Omaha, he has done script work with local film/video companies, published articles, and taught literature and writing at UNO for six years before becoming English department head for Plattsmouth High School. In 1986 he quit teaching to become a full-time novelist. He is the author of fourteen novels, including a history book on Fort Atkinson. Several of his previously published Irish novels, as well as a number of new titles, will be released as eBooks, available for all electronic formats. This begins with twelve book releases through the winter. The first (Most Ancient Song) is now out on Amazon for Kindle. Four more, including my Sidhe series, will be out by the end of October, 2011. He teaches writing at UNO and Metro Community College. He is married and has two sons.

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