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by Barbara Ann Dush

Better is a dry morsel with quietness than a house full of feasting (on offered sacrifices) with strife. — Proverbs 17:1, AMP

MY SHOES PINCHED, my head throbbed, and my energy level was sinking fast. I had just stepped into the house from a normally stressful day at the office, and my family was already in need of my time, attention, and care.
My six-year-old was eager to share her excitement of winning the school writing conteest, while my ten-year-old needed an understanding ear to vent her frustrations of the day. My two teenagers needed a ride to their after-school jobs, and adding to the frustration was a loaded laundry hamper ready to burst, plus last night's spaghetti dishes, which no one's schedule permitted time to tackle.
I began to deliberate, Is the second income worth it? I studied the frustration on my family's faces, as well as the hopeless circles of stress I felt mentally.

Reprinted with permission
from Proverbs for Busy Women
Copyright ©
Edited by Mary C Busha

by Barbara Ann Dush

NOTHING SMELLS BETTERthan my mother's kitchen when she's cooking.
To walk into a whiff of her chicken and dumplings or peaches and cream pie could melt you down to your shoes.
"Grandpa's so lucky. He gets to eat grandma's cooking every day," my daughter once lamented.
My sister and I have tried to make our mother's recipes so we could enjoy those uyummy dishes. We measured the ingredients precisely, and stirred or kneaded just the way mom told us to.
We even used those little hints she donated from perfecting those recipes.
Yet, all atempts have proved futile. "Even her toast bread tastes better," my sister quipped.

Reprinted with permission
from Nance County Journal
Copyright © 1998
by Barbara Ann Dush

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