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Dog Days
Copyright © 2005
by Ann Marie Cox
Riverhead Books
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It's August in Washington, DC, in an election year. The Democratic convention has just concluded; the Republican convention is just a few weeks away. The weather is hot and hazy, people leave work a little earlier, and they drink a little more. A town that often seems ridiculously reminiscent of high school now starts to feel more like summer camp. And the life of twenty-eight-year-old campaign staffer Melanie Thorton is about to veer wildly off course.
Melanie has the job of her dreams and the (married) man of her dreams. She's helping to run the communications outfit of Democrat John Hillman's presidential campaign and she's having a romance with Washington's most powerful political journalist, Rick Stossel. In one of life's unhappy coincidences, a group called Citizens for Clear Heads emerges out of nowhere with scandalous information about her candidate at the same time as The Washington Post's gossip columnist begins calling her friends to try to sniff out details of her affair.
When her world starts to fall apart, Melanie finds herself willing to sacrifice all of her long-held ideals to keep it together. When it falls apart anyway, she has to find a way to make her own life meaningful and leave the fate of the free world to someone else.
Dog Days is a wry and sexy story of the young movers and shakers in DC — the most engaging, idealistic, cynical, cutthroat, and hilarious characters you'd ever want to sit next to at a dinner party-from a stylish new comic voice who knows her turf inside out.

A smart, fast-paced . . . novel about a young woman trying to navigate the shark-infested waters of our nation's capital. — Tom Perrotta, author of Election

A fresh-eyed, inside look at Washington from the keen mind of Ana Marie Cox. — George Pelecanos, author of Drama City

Cox came to fame in 2004 as Wonkette, a D.C. insider whose blog injected (and still injects) levity and sarcasm into the earnest national political scene. In her snarky fictive debut, . . . Cox aims for a light comedy of Washington power, halfway between Primary Colors and Sex and the City. Publishers Weekly

Cox easily captures the incestuous and ultimately vapid relationships politics engenders. . . . Cox's status in the blogosphere will draw media notice and attract readers as wonky as she is. — Booklist

A salacious, cheerfully cynical novel . . . captures the political moment . . . — Elle

Brisk, smart, smutty, knowing and very well-written. . . . I don't spend much time in the old blogosphere myself, and to be honest hadn't clicked onto Wonkette until now. But if this sparkly, witty — occasionally vicious — little novel is any indication of Wonkette's talent, then Cox ought to log out of cyberspace and start calling herself Novelette. — Christopher Buckley, New York Times Book Review

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