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How Did That Sun Get Out?
Copyright © 2000
by Roger Burkholder
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Belonging to the first generation of collegiate students never to have experienced a time without the possibility of nuclear holocaust, CJ, Jack, and Leah, in their sometimes assured and other times hesitant movements toward each other, are struggling in the direction of a future they have always known they may not have. Then a crisis is inadvertently brought to all three lives by a psychiatrist involved in a lonely pursuit of definitions of global sanity. It is a crisis the psychiatrist himself comes to share and which soon begins to give voice to what have been silences central to our time. Respectfully nonviolent, How Did That Sun Get Out builds into an insightful and feelingly true exploration of quandaries basic to our era and ultimately touching all our lives, if only indirectly. — from the jacket

Deeply moving. Well worth reading, even in the 2000s because humankind is still endangered and still seeking escape — Peace Research

It's a fascinating book. The writing is vivid, with a strong sense of time and place. Ultimately it's very moving. — Larry Lockridge, author of Shade of the Raintree

Remarkable personal testimony suggesting that peaceful patterns of life are here to take, if we but choose to see them. — News, International Peace Bureau

The pacifism in the book is backed up with reality. Should be in every library. — Meria Heller Show

The author is a writer, artist, and pacifist who incorporates long held non-violent beliefs into his work. Science, art, and the humanities are woven skillfully into this fictional story of learning, maturing, and friendship. His well-developed characters represent the first generation who realized destruction of all life on Earth has become possible through nuclear means. — Midwest Book Review

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