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First Chill
Copyright © 2005
by Brian Bengtson
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First Chill is a collection of poetry about Brian E Bengtson's life in Nebraska, and the lessons learned "along the way." His poetry reflects his time as an artist, most notably working for eight years with the Omaha Magic Theater as an actor, stagehand, and director. On May 1992, he joined the growing number of Americans with HIV, and has been writing, talking, and more importantly, surviving it ever since. His poetry talks about the early years of the AIDS crisis, before the advent of new medications and new hope. He also writes about the people who have "wandered into his sights," whether they are from across the street in the middle of winter ("Purple Woman"), a beloved grandmother and matriarch ("Glenda Rae"), or the first person to die in his arms ("Survivorís Walk"). — from the publisher

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