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Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Grace Bauer


Retreats and Recognitions. Lost Horse Press, 2007.

Umpteen Ways of Looking at a Possum: Creative and Critical Responses to Everette Maddox. Edited with Julie Kane. Xavier Review Press, 2006.

Beholding Eye., 2006.

The Women at the Well, New Orleans: Portals P, 1997


Field Guide to the Ineffable: Poems on Marcel Duchamp, Snail's Pace Press, 1999

The House Where I've Never Lived, Englewood, FL: Anabiosis Press, 1993

Where You've Seen Her, Tesuque, NM: Pennywhistle Press, 1993


"Latter-Day Saints," DoubleTake, Summer 1998

"Geography Lessons," Nebraska Life, Spring 1997

"Artemisia Paints the Blood on Judith's Hands, New Orleans Review, Vol. 21, #2, 1995, pp 89-90

"Georgia, at Ninety, Learns to Make a Vessel," Iowa Woman, Vol. 13, #1, Spring 1993, p 10

"She Marvels at His Face," Tampa Review, Spring, 1993, p 67

"The Men on Her Roof," Birmingham Poetry Review, #8, Spring-Summer, 1992, pp 5-6

"Mary: a Confession and Complaint," Iris, #28, Winter, 1992, p 41

"Where You've Seen Her Before," Southern Poetry Review, Vol XXXII, #1, Spring, 1992, pp 25-27

"The Women at the Well," "Lot's Daughters Bent on Revenge," and "Noah's Wife Addresses the Department of Interior," Frontiers: A Journal Of Women's Studies, Vol XIII, #1, 1992, pp 165-169

"A Letter to William Hathaway on His Letter to William Wordsworth," "Christmas Day at County Prison," "For My Mother at the New Year," and "Nana, Baking," Negative Capability, Vol XII, # 1 & 2, 1992, pp 11-14

"While Waiting for the Rapture, She Sips a Seven-Up," Zuzu's Petals, Vol. I, #4, Autumn-Winter, 1992, p 26

"The Eye of the Beholder," Poetry, Vol CLVIII, # 6, September 1991, pp 334-35

"Note from the Imaginary Daughter," Apallachee Quarterly, # 36-37, 1991, p 74

"She Thinks She Smells a Bad Metaphor," Michigan Quarterly Review, Vol. XXX, #1, Winter 1991, p 82-83

"My Grandmother Started Dying," Southern Poetry Review, Fall 1990, pp 47-48

"Passengers" and "Keeping in Touch," Swamproot, #6 Summer-Fall 1990, pp 11-12

"Dear Absence" and "Second Lining at My Own Jazz Funeral," Shenandoah, Vol. 40, #2, Summer 1990, pp 84-85

"The Visiting Paleontologist Feels Her Thigh" and "Her Great Escape," South Dakota Review, Vol. 28, #1, Spring 1990, pp 26-28

"Frida Digresses On Red" and "Eve Recollecting The Garden," Poetry, Vol. CLVI, #1, April, 1990, pp 9-11

"Notes on My Present Angst" and "The Other Woman," Antietam Review, Spring 1989, p 38

"Women of the Night," Passages North, Vol 10, #1, 1989, p 21

"Las Madres de los Deseparecidos," Colorado Review, Vol XV, #2, Winter, 1988, p 58

"Dancing on the Bar at the Blue Goose Saloon," Poet Lore, Vol. 83, #2, 1988, p 32

"Not Exactly Blanche Dubois," Plainsong, Vol. VI, #2, Spring 1985, p 14

"Alone in Autumn," Poets On, Vol. 9, #2, Summer 1985, p 45

"C'est la Vie," and "Reunion," Colorado Review, Vo1. XII, #1, pp 58-60

"It Ain't Love It's Just Country and Western," Negative Capability, Vol. lII, #11, Spring 1983, p 81

"The Day the Moose Died," Poetry NOW, Vo1. VI, #3, 1981

"Theadosia," New Laurel Review, Vol. X, #2, Fall, 1980, p 24

"Dancing At Schoedels," New Laurel Review, Vo1. VII, #I, Spring 1978, p 32


"Math Anxiety," Habersham Review, Vo1 II, #1, Spring 1993, pp 68-72

"Heading West," New Laurel Review, VOL. XV, Spring-Fall 1987, pp 83-90


"Imaginary Gardens, Real Toads," In Touch, Vol. XII & XIII, #2, 1985, p 1-7


Winner, Idaho Prize for Poetry, for Retreats and Recognitions. Lost Horse Press, 2007.

Merit Award, Nebraska Arts Council, 2006

Merit Award, Nebraska Arts Council, 2003

Merit Award, Nebraska Arts Council, 2000

Winner, Snail's Pace Press Chapbook Competition, for Field Guide to the Ineffable: Poems on Marcel Duchamp, 1999

Vassar Miller Poetry Prize — Finalist, 1995

Virginia Commission for the Arts' Individual Artist's Grant — 1992

Irene Leache Poetry Award — 1992

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Fellowship — 1990 & 1991

Academy of American Poets Award — 2nd Place Award, 1987

Sunderland, MA Arts Council Grant — 1987

Academy of American Poets Award — 1986

Chester H. Jones National Poetry Competition, Commendations Award — 1984

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