Top of the Rock for April 1998


Celebrate National Poetry Month by celebrating forest trail worker, animal caretaker, journeyman ironworker, poet, essayist, and all 'round good fellow Art Homer, who recently won a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship. Art, who was raised in Missouri, has been a resident of Omaha for some years, where he teaches and sometimes directs the writers' workshop at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. An excellent poet and a writer of evocative and powerful prose, Art Homer is the author of The Drownt Boy (memoir), Skies of Such Valuable Glass (poetry), and Tattoos (poetry).

Art Homer, the Man, the Legend

"In high school, there were those guys doubly blessed with rugged good looks and high intelligence who always escorted the loveliest women to the dances. They were, of course, elegant in their formal clothes, and we used to call them Tuxedo Toms. Art Homer is fast becoming a Tuxedo Tom writer: not only is he a talented poet with three books of verse under his cummerbund, he is also an outstanding prose writer, who has recently waltzed off with an NEA Fellowhship for Nonfiction. If he ever decides to write fiction, too, I will retire not so gracefully from the floor while he dances away with my date in his arms."--Richard Duggin

"I've known Art for some dozen years now, and whenever I've had good news to share with him about my work, his response has been to smile and say, 'It's about time.' That's how I feel about his receiving the NEA. As all of us who know him know, Art not only is one of our most talented poets and essayists (not to mention a virtuoso sparkling-cider brewmaster!), but also that sort of artist who is both too modest and too busy actually doing his work--as well as being a teacher, friend, and what used to be called 'family-man'--to spend much time on self-promotion. It's wonderful to see his good work honored in this way."--Susan Aizenberg

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